Take Responsibility, Choose Your Own Way, Embrace Life.

Coda empowers easier, early end-of-life conversation enabling you to Take Responsibility; Choose Your Own Way and Embrace Life

The Coda Alliance is dedicated to helping you comfortably deal with one of life’s most difficult situations – starting your end-of-life conversation.

At Coda, we are all about helping you choose your own way – in life and at the end-of-life.

  • It’s about helping you take responsibility to make decisions regarding what you want – before an unexpected, or anticipated, end might happen.
  • It’s about allowing you to embrace life by living the life you want.
  • And, it’s about providing you with peace-of-mind by enabling you to make your own decisions about how you want die when the time comes.

We’re here for you with engaging resources, research and tools, like our multilingual Go Wish cards, enabling easy, trusting, “what do I want” discussions at any stage of life. Working together, we help you overcome this tough, but most necessary conversation -- making it simple for you to make sure that your families, professionals and caretakers honor your wishes and help you embrace the life you want.



GoWish ayuda a los hispanos a cerrar la brecha en la atención médica. Nuevo modelo en línea adicional: por primera vez, GoWish en idiomas extranjeros expandirá la participación de personas de todas edades

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A Conversation Card Game for Parents and Pediatric Caregivers. Pediatric GoWish Together is a tool that provides parents a way to think and talk about what’s most important to them and their child.

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Coda helps you inspire patients to have early end-of-life conversations, providing them with resources to Take Responsibility, Choose Their Own Way, and Embrace Life

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Coda empowers you to facilitate end of life conversation to fortify family harmony, by encouraging members to Take Responsibility, Choose Their Own Way, and Embrace Life.

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Coda makes early end of life conversations easy, so don’t wait. Wake Up. Stuff Happens. Be Prepared. Take Responsibility: A gift to your family Choose Your Own Way: What matters to you. Embrace Life: Say OK to uncertainty

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Resources for professionals, patients and families

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Validated research, vetted solutions directory


Pioneers in conversations: Coda developed the GoWish cards now in 10 languages


Learn more about empowering easier, early end-of-life conversations

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  • Fact 1

    Younger people, 20 - 40 wait too long to tell others due to fear of losing their social circle

  • Fact 2

    Reduced healthcare costs follow advance directives as seen in LaCrosse, Wisconsin where 96% who die had directives as opposed to the 30% national average

  • Fact 3

    82% of patients say it’s important to put their wishes in writing. Only 56% do.


  • “As parents, we spend our lives caring for our children. But one day, the roles reverse. Learn how to talk to them about end-of-life care. “ Senior Living, A Place for Mom
  • Mike's passing was so peaceful and was, thanks to CODA, just exactly the way he wanted. I say thanks to you because if you hadn't loaned me the Go Wish cards, I would not have known that Mike wanted to be at home, with everyone around him….’

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