GoWish Translations

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Country Flag Country Organization Language Name of Cards
U.S. Coda Alliance English GoWish
U.S. Coda Alliance Western Spanish American GoWish Conversaciones
Chinese Chinese Coalition for Compassionate Care (CACCC) Chinese Heart to Heart
Japanese Old Name - Institute of Advance Care Planning (iACP)
New - Initiatives with Altruism and Compassion for a better Place (iACP)
Japanese Moshibana
Brazil Brazilian Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology (SBGG) Brazilian Portuguese Cartas na Mesa
France Federation Jalmalv French A Vous Souhaits
U.S. Vietnam (Represents the Vietnamese community in the U.S.) Supportive Care Services (SCS) Foundation Vietnamese (Several groups with different dialects reviewed) The Lotus Light Path
Sweden Karolinska Institutet (KI) Swedish DöBra
Israel Keshet Hamishalot Foundation Hebrew Kol Haklafim al Hashulchan
Switzerland Pro Senectute • German

• French

• Italian
• Meine Wünsche für mein Lebensende
• Mes volontés pour ma fin de vie
• I miei desideri e volontà per il resto della vita
U.S. Pacific Islands Pacific Island Consortium English Navigating the Course
Belgium Association des Soins Palliatifs en Province de Namur asbl (ASPPN) French A Vrai Dire
Belgium Adapted through a Collaboration between Landsbond derChristelijke Mutualiteiten (CM) a non-profit health insurance fund and the End-of-Life Care Research Group of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) • Dutch
• French
• German
• Levenswensen
• Mes Souhaits De Vie
• Meine Lebenswünsche
England Conversations for Life™ British English The Conversation Game™