France: An Intercontinental GoWish Partner And Word Spreads Rapidly

France: An Intercontinental GoWish Partner And Word Spreads Rapidly

The close bond of France’s end-of-life organizations empowers a strong influence that led to some of the most comprehensive patient laws in the world. Those rules regarding dignity, respect for life and the right to choose are now being enhanced by Coda’s GoWish card “game”.

Partnering with Coda is France’s prominent nonprofit, Jusqu a La mort Accompanier La Vie (which means accompanying life until death) (JaLMaLV). The long-established group, dedicated to supporting palliative care patients, now has as its motto “Until Death, Care for Life” – a motto connected to Coda Alliance. The two organizations have much in common. Run by volunteers, both groups acknowledge that their major goals are:

  • To change attitudes about death by spreading the word regarding the importance of “End of Life” discussion.
    • In France this is known as “Solidarity” – a dedication to changing societies attitudes about illness, aging and death
  • To ease end-of-life family conversations and support the right to choose, by admitting a bit of fun into the process — knowing that this makes a tough talk easier


JaLMaLV launched the French version of Coda’s GoWish card in Antibes Juan les Pins, French Riviera at their annual Congressional Palace – as Coda’s representative, Cindy Safe, looked on proudly. Named “À VOS SOUHAITS “, meaning “In line with your wishes” (pretty close to “GoWish)}, the card’s design included input from two other major nonprofit JaLMaLV partners: SFAP, for end of life, and APICIL, for heavy pain care. These partners, together, can generate enormous GoWish awareness in health fields and welfare care.


In fact, following the massive meeting, cards were distributed to all of the local groups in the country to begin their use in palliative care. But benefits go far beyond just palliative care. Besides accompanying patients and families who need end-of-life assistance, the organization promotes research and education about end-of-life preparation for adults and children.


“We are also doing a sort of public outreach for youth and adolescents,” indicated JaLMaLV president Jean-Marie Schwertz. “It’s a reason to discuss, to talk about anticipated directions. There is no age barrier for this conversation.”


           French Organization Spread’s the GoWish Word to Switzerland


Word regarding the pioneering game’s success in multiple nations with multiple cultures spread rapidly moving from France to a neighboring Switzerland. So, it wasn’t long before a major hospital in Lausanne Switzerland contacted JaLMaLV requesting use of the French organization’s version of Coda’s card game on their website to support their patients and to promote end-of-life hospital care.

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