Why End of Life Conversation Makes Life Itself Easier

Why End of Life Conversation Makes Life Itself Easier

Choose Your Own Way

Why End of Life Conversation Makes Life Itself Easier – for you, your family and your medical team

In this interview with Larry Wildemuth, Minister, former Chaplain, and Chairman of the Board for Coda Alliance, a nonprofit that deals with end of life choice, NPIQ’s Ellen Rudy explores Why End of Life Conversation Makes Life Itself Easier – for you, your family and your medical team. Even though 80% of people, have as one of their wishes, the desire to spend their last days at home with their loved ones – only 20% get that experience – those that had the opportunity to make that choice. End of life planning has become so important that a fairly new worldwide movement to ensure people know that how to die and how to live is THEIR CHOICE, has sprung up in countries around the world. Many end-of-life organizations in these countries have called on the Coda Alliance to help break the stigma of talking about death and what one wants at the end of life, whether years or days away, by making this most difficult conversation less stressful.

Take Responsibility, Choose Your Own Way, Embrace Life

After serving as an officer in the Navy during the Vietnam war, Larry Wildemuth discovered his passion and entered seminary. He then spent 45 years as a pastor in Hawaii and then in San Jose, CA, including as Chaplain of the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. His focus on end of life was a result of years of working with patients in the hospital, seeing families struggle to understand what their loved ones would want – especially when they could no longer communicate. Invited to join others with similar concerns –the group soon became Coda Alliance. Although officially retired in 2017, Larry Wildemuth continues working as part of the Medical Center’s Palliative Care Team, member of the Ethics Committee, member of the Surrogate Decision Committee and as Coda Alliance Chairman of the Board.


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Coda Alliance, dedicated to helping you comfortably deal with one of life’s most difficult situations — starting your end-of-life conversation–developed GoWish cards, a unique, pioneering methodology that empowers you to Take Responsibility, Choose Your Own Way and Embrace Life. It’s about helping you take responsibility to make decisions regarding what YOU want – before an unexpected, or anticipated, end might happen. It’s about allowing you to embrace life by living the life you want. And, it’s about providing you with peace-of-mind by enabling you to make and communicate your own decisions about how you want to die when the time comes. GoWish is a wonderfully successful and fun sorting card game that helps you easily start a comfortable conversation to choose your own way – in life, and at the end-of-life, and is now used in multiple countries throughout the world.

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