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In music, a coda comes at the end of a piece of music, summing up the preceding themes and bringing the piece to a satisfactory close.


In life, Coda Alliance is a community-based, not-for-profit organization with a similar purpose, helping individuals and their families plan and prepare for the concluding passages of life.


  • Coda Alliance promotes advance discussion of end-of-life care with families and healthcare providers.
  • Coda is working to help community members learn about end-of-life care options and discuss their values and goals with their family and healthcare providers prior to the onset of serious illness.
  • Coda fosters collaboration among community groups, healthcare providers and healthcare institutions to overcome barriers to superb end-of-life care for community members.
Do your loved ones know your wishes? Could they communicate them for you?
If not, visit to play Go Wish online.

Decide what's important together. Coda Alliance presents the "Go Wish Cards" for advance care planning. They give you an easy, entertaining way to think and talk about what's important to you if you become seriously ill.
Coda Alliance would like to give a special thank you for creation of this video to Steve Corelis - Author and Actor, Michael West -  Videographer, Cast Players and Aaron Griffith - Technical Support. 
If you are giving a talk about Advance Care Planning or use of the Go Wish cards , we have developed a Power Point Facilitator's Guide to aid in your presentation. Also, we have a Talking Point Outline that you may find helpful.